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Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna
The Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna (UNIBO) is organised in 5 Campuses (Bologna, Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna e Rimini), 11 Schools, 33 Departments, 7 Inter-departmental Centres for Industrial research (CIRI) and 12 Research and Training Centres. UNIBO released on average 11,000 research products, more than 400 patents; UNIBO leaded 147 funded research projects (H2020 and LIFE), 10 SIR projects (Scientific Independence of Young Researcher).
UNIBO has more than 85,000 students who have chosen the University of Bologna in the Acadmic Year 2015/16, making it the most popular university in Italy. Teaching and extra-curricular activities take place in the 5 campuses .
Teaching activities are structured in 215 Degree Programmes (A.Y. 2017/2018): 92 first cycle 3-year programmes, 110 second cycle programmes and 13 single cycle programmes. 71 are International degree programmes and 47 of them are delivered in English.
UNIBO has 41 PhD programmes (activated in the A.Y. 2016/17), 39 specialisation schools, 66 first and second level professional master's programmes, 16 of which are international.
UNIBO has 2,113 international students from abroad on exchange programmes and 2,771 students enrolled at UNIBO who spent a study period abroad in 2016.
The UNIBO community of teaching and services staff counted 5,756 people.
The UNIBO library system offers access to 47,000 on-line journals, 190,000 e-books and 647 databases.
UNIBO campuses have 1,100 wi-fi access points, 2 server farms with more than 520 virtual servers.
The Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences or “BiGeA” was founded in 2012 through the merging of two pre-existing departments within the Science Faculty: the Department of Experimental Evolutionary Biology and the Department of Earth, Geological and Environmental Sciences.
The main mission of the BiGeA is to organize and develop research, education and public engagement in all fields of the planet Earth system, from the litho-hydrosphere to the biosphere, through geological and biological/bioinformatic tools. The parallel mission is the study, forecast and mitigation of environmental effects deriving from man-made activities and global changes.
BiGeA activities are carried out in Bologna, Ravenna and Fano. The headquarter of the BiGeA (Direction and Administrative offices) is in Bologna.
Research Centers of BiGeA are located in Bologna (Mineralogy & Petrology, Anthropology, Comparative Anatomy, Physiology & Zoology, Geology, Palaeontology, Applied Geology, Botany), Ravenna (Environmental Sciences & Marine Ecosystems) and Fano (Laboratory of Marine Biology & Fisheries Resources.
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