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Professional Practice

Important decisions in relation to COVID-19 situation (Cohort 2019)

a.       For all year 1 students we understand that your study programme is mainly impacted due to altered professional practice situations. On Wednesday 25 March, at 12.00 CET a webinar will be organized in which we will give full details about the alternate format for professional practices (including presentation of subjects for Remote Professional Practices). Summarized the situation looks as follows for you: 

                     i.            By 15 April at the latest every student will have to make a decision on one of the options for the professional practice. Options to choose from will be: 

1.       Option 1: Take part in one of the new Remote Professional Practices in which you will work in teams of 4-5 people for a total duration of 6 weeks. Start of the RPP will be between 20 April and 4 May. The practice should end at the latest end of June. Personal reports will be handed in on June 25th.  

2.       Option 2: Take part in a normal Professional Practice, if needed in a remote format. If so, we will need a written agreement from the supervisor that (s)he is able to perform this PP according to the PP regulations and that (s)he is able to do so within the normal time frame. Personal reports will be handed in on June 25th.  

3.       Option 3: Pause your IMBRSea studies for one year. In this case the student will continue the studies next year (2021) from April onwards. Further details follow during the webinar. 

b.       Students are encouraged to take an additional internship during the summer in which they can learn additional practical skills. In the coming weeks we will explore whether we can provide certificates for this and whether insurance can be foreseen through Ghent University for these activities. Combined with a remote professional practice this should allow you to both gain practical skills and to still fit within the PP frameworks.  

c.       First year students will be invited to attend the annual symposium in August (last week of August) as well. Participation will not be obligatory. 

d.       Summer schools are still confirmed and will take place as planned. 




During the second half of the second semester, students undertake a Professional Practice in one of the IMBRSea (main or associated) partners. Those partners include universities, research stations, companies and NGOs. The professional practice should not exceed 2 months and should contain a workload of at least 240 hours (12 ECTS).

The main objective of the IMBRSea Professional Practice is for the student to become familiar with different work functions and roles expected for a particular profession. The Professional Practice should allow the student to understand how knowledge acquired through formal learning may be applied to solving problems in real-world situations. Over the Professional Practice the student will be immersed in the working environment and will get acquainted with real-life job world.

Professional practice topics & selection

Students can select a Professional Practice topic from the Matix portal. The topics will be made available to students during their first semester of studies. After a mutual agreement with the professional practice responsible, a contract will arrange the rights and duties of both the student and professional practice provider.  

Who can submit professional practice topics

In principle only non-academic partner allied to any of the partners (main or associated) can offer a professional practice, however, in specific cases, other institutions can also submit professional practices. In this case, the institution must become an associate member of the IMBRSea consortium before the start of the professional practice. This membership will be approved by the IMBRSea management board and regulated through a signed bilateral agreement. Note that professional practices should be posted through the appropriate form by professional practice providers and not by students.

Evaluation of the professional practice

The Professional Practice provider will independently submit an evaluation of student’s performance and adaptation to the working environment. At the end of the Professional Practice, the student will submit an activity report and portfolio that will be evaluated by the Professional Practice team taking into account also the evaluation given by the Professional Practice provider. 


All students present their findings of the Professional Practice during the Annual Symposium happening in June. 

We open a call to partners around October of the first semester. When we have the available topics, it is open for students to select and apply for them.