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Marine habitat restoration of temperate and tropical reefs

Semester 3

1.    -Tropical and temperate reef bioconstructions. Formation and the main ecosystem engineers
2.    -The importance of facilitation processes
3.    -Pressure analysis
4.    -Tropical and temperate reefs health assessment
5.    -Reconstruction of historical baselines
6.    -Hard bottom restoration methodologies
7.    -The support of Citizen science in restoration

The role of ecosystem engineers and facilitation effects will be introduced.
One of the most important limits in the assessment is the lack of baselines allowing defining which should be the pristine conditions that need to be restored. For this reason, Local ecological knowledge (LEK) and other methodologies will be introduced as possible indirect strategies to reconstruct an historical baseline.
Examples on different case studies of restoration (both successful and unsuccessful stories) will be provided and analysed, focusing on the main methodologies.
The role of Citizen Science as effective support to scientists in restoration activities will be highlighted.