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Marine Resources Genomics

Semester 2

Molecular population genetics of marine animal and its applications in fisheries, marine farming, conservation management and ecosystem health protection. The course aims to initiate students into genomic research in the marine world by exploring current research cases, understanding of cutting-edge lab technologies, building bioinformatics/computational skills, and shaping knowledge base. At the end of the Unit, you should be able to apply population genomic approaches to survey patterns of variation within and among marine fish and shellfish populations and to apply metagenomic/metabarcoding approaches to study of complete communities directly in their natural environments.


Course Contents

1.    Basics on Genomics. 
2.    Population genomics in non-model organisms. 
3.    Metabarcoding /Metagenomics.


Additional information regarding teaching methods

The follow teaching components will be utilised:

  • 14 Lectures 14
  • 18 Computer sessions
  • 8 Tutorials

Following completion of the course, each student will do an independent research work on genomics. There will be a Tutorial to identify a topic of interest. Raw sequence data coming from an experiment designed to meet a specific goal will be provided to each student.


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