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Graphics Design and Digital Imaging

Semester 1

This course introduces students to the basic aspects of photography, digital image manipulation and graphical design.

With the use of hands-on sessions, students will be presented with a wide diversity of techniques and open-source tools.

  • Introduction to basic aspects of photography: Microscopy imaging, Macro photography, Nature photography
  • Introduction to the use of GIMP –theory + practicals (freeware alternative for adobe photoshop)
  • Introduction to the use of Inkscape –theory + practicals (freeware alternative for adobe illustrator)
  • Introduction to various graphical products and how to make them (posters, infographics, ... ).


Final Competencies

1  Be able to take photos using regular digital (reflex) cameras.

2  Understand the technical aspects of photography.

3  Understand and be able to manipulate images using open source graphical software.

4  Understand and be able to create vector based graphical products using open source graphical software.


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