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Current topics in marine literacy

Semester 3

Subject 1. Sustainable fisheries, are they possible? Examples of co-managed fisheries in Bay of Biscay region: the case of percebe. Sustainable fisheries in northwest Spain: octopus.  
Subject 2. Modern aquaculture in practice. Microalgae as an example of a new productive system: culture and applications. How to make aquaculture sustainable and profitable.  
Subject 3. Marine biosecurity. Maritime traffic, ports, and main international biosecurity policies applied in the ocean. What to do for your boat not to (bio)pollute.
Subject 4. A clean and safe ocean, utopia or challenge? Marine pollution, marine litter, microplastics. What can be done for preventing, mitigating, fighting pollution and biopollution.
Subject 5. The human factor. Role of NGO in ocean and coastal conservation. Helping to protect marine species and spaces. 
Subject 6. Ocean literacy and the general public. How to communicate and convince about the importance of future oceans. 

Practices: Excursions to meet stakeholders related with resource management, NGOs, maritime planning. At least six different visits will be envisaged, one per theory subject. Before the visit the students will prepare relevant questions to be addressed to the stakeholders. After the visit the students will prepare a summary of the main points tackled in the meeting and present them in a colloquium organized in class.