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Fisheries Biology, Management & Conservation

This course explores the biology of exploited species in term of fisheries and aquaculture (feeding behavior, life traits, recruitment…), the impact of fisheries on ecosystems, the impact of climate change on fisheries, the use of numerical modeling (Ecosim/ecopath, Ichtyop), the use of aquaculture for food production, the use of aquariology in research as biological models, the main fishing gears, the basic principles of fishing management, ecosystem-based fisheries, sustainability, equity and conservation.


Final Competencies

1  Understand the biology of exploited species, the methods of capture and farming, how global change can affect stock, fisheries and related socio-economy.

2  Use of simple numerical modelling in fisheries.

3  Use of marine organisms in research through aquariology.


Teaching Methods

  • Excursion

  • Group work
  • Lectures
  • Integration and other seminars.


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