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elittoral Estudios de Ingeniería Costera y Oceanográfica, S.L.N.E.
elittoral is an environmental consultancy company, specialized in coastal and oceanographic engineering studies.
Among the wide range of services company provides are environmental assessment studies (such as EIA and similar), coastal management (integrated management of the coastal area, development of management plans for marine protected areas (MPA) and protected species, environmental baseline surveys, endangered species studies and restoration of species and habitats) and monitoring of coastal systems (water quality studies and programs, hydrological modelling, geological and sedimentological studies and topographic and bathymetric studies). Application of state of the art methods is shown through the work of our teledetection department which provides support in company services, as well as our professional divers team.
Company also takes part in R&D programs, often developed in partnership with scientists from University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and other research institutions in the Canary Islands. We also host number of students at different levels of their education, who carry out their internships, laboratory practice or practical work hours in collaboration and under supervision of our expert teams.
Professional Practice
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