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Tuition Fees

The IMBRSea tuition fees are set at:

  • €4500 per year for EU applicants
  • €9000 per year for non-EU applicants

Tuition fees are kept as low as possible. Every year partial tuition fee waivers are granted of €1000 per student per year for EU applicants and €4500 for non-EU applicants resulting in the following fees:

  • €3500 per year for EU applicants
  • €4500 per year for non-EU applicants

The annual tuition fees cover:

  1. Enrollment and tuition costs at local universities
  2. Joint School costs (2 weeks): food, accommodation
  3. Annual Symposium costs (1 week): food, accommodation


Payment of Fees

Upon admission to the program, you will receive an invitation to pay the first part of the tuition fee (1000 Euro), which must be paid within 2 weeks after the closing of each call. Once the payment is received, your place in the program is secured until August 1st 2020. The full tuition fee must be paid before August 1st 2020. Students who haven't paid within the mentioned time frames cannot participate and will be considered as dropouts.

Tuition fees for the second year must be paid before the start of the second academic year.

Living & Travel Costs

All students organize and finance their own accommodation, insurances, living, visa and travel costs while undertaking the IMBRSea program. These costs can be (partially) covered by a scholarship you may hold.

The cost of living differs from country to country. Please check the page of each partner university for more information.

Please ensure that you take into account all the traveling and the living costs that the program entails. Remember, it's an International Master and there is a lot of travelling involved. Make sure to make a good budget before starting.

is an interactive tool that could help you when taking relocation decisions. The tool helps you think through the following issues: relocating with or without a partner, with or without kids, commuting issues etc. The tool also uses cost of living data to put the financial impact in perspective.

Visa fees

Most of the visas have fees that might apply, depending on your nationality and mobility. Also, you will probably have to travel to the capital of the country you are in order to apply for the visa. Take that into account when you are thinking about the costs. Check your embassy for more information. The IMBRSea acceptance letters will also help you apply for the correct visa.

Required Funds for Non-European Students

In Europe, a student must have sufficient means of subsistence to cover their living costs, healthcare, study and repatriation costs. The minimum amount which a student must have to cover their costs is fixed and indexed each year. Non-European students will usually need to prove that they have the minimum amount of funds required to cover their costs in order to obtain a long-term visa or residence permit. 


Erasmus + Mobility Grants

Students can make use of Erasmus+ Mobility grants to support a part of the mobility in the program. These grants are offered via the different participating universities. Regulations, selection success and grant amounts depend fully on each university.

Who is eligible for applying for an Erasmus+ Mobility Grant?

All students enrolled in the program that do not benefit from another Erasmus+ grant are eligible to apply for a grant. 

Where should I apply and what are the mechanisms?

Students apply at one of the first year universities for a grant to study abroad during the third semester. In practice students apply at the semester 1 university (Ghent, Algarve, Oviedo, Brest, Ancona or Galway). At each university deadlines and selection mechanisms are clearly different.

Please note that these grants support mobility. Since students apply at the semester 1 university, the grant cannot be obtained in case you study in the same country in the first and third semester.

  • Ghent University:
    • application deadline is around 15 February 
    • information sessions are organized by the Faculty at the end of the first semester
    • applications are only open to students that are physically taking courses in Ghent
    • Success chances are high to very high (> 75 %)
  • University of the Algarve
    • application deadline is around 1 April 
    • information is spread via email at the moment of opening of the applications (early February)
    • applications are only open to students that are physically taking courses in Faro
    • Success chances are high to very high (> 75 %) - selection depends on first semester grades
    • You can also apply for the 4th Semester if you already know where your Master thesis research will take place.
  • University of Oviedo
    • application deadline September - October
    • applications are only open to students that are physically taking courses in Oviedo and have an active UNIOVI registration
    • Success chances are high (>60%) - selection depends bachelor or first semester grades
  • University of Western Brittany (Brest)
    • application deadline early April 
    • applications are only open to students that are physically taking courses in Brest
    • Success chances are high (> 60 %) - selection depends on first semester grades
  • Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology
    • application deadline is not clear (dates to be confirmed)
    • applications are only open to students that are physically taking courses in Galway
  • Polytechnic University of Marche
    • application deadline is early April 
    • applications are only open to students that are physically taking courses in Ancona

More information about Erasmus Mobility Grants?

Contact the coordinator or the international relations office of the university you plan to go to.


Useful links: 

Erasmus+ Mobility EU website.

Erasmus+ Information for Ghent University.

Erasmus+ Information for University of Algarve.

Erasmus+ Information for University of Oviedo.

Erasmus+ Information for University of Western Brittany.

Erasmus+ Information for Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology.

Erasmus+ Information for Polytechnic University of Marche.


COVID-19 Infosession 11 IMBRSea


Main topics covered:

  • Changes on Professional practice activities
  • Professional practice Portifolio 
  • Scenarios for semester 3 -> Meetings with Local Coordinators
COVID-19 Infosession 10 IMBRSea


Main topics covered:

  • Summer schools cancelled
  • Thesis and Professional Practice key dates
  • How the presentations of final results for both thesis and pp will occur
  • Scenarios for semester 3
COVID-19 Infosession 9 IMBRSea


Main topics covered:

  • Cancellation of Annual Symposium
  • Summer school still on hold
  • Thesis submission
  • Scenarios for 3rd semester
  • Online courses for 1st semester 2020
COVID-19 Info session 8 IMBRSea


Main topics covered:

  • Visa situation
  • Additional board meeting on mobility regulations on different partners
  • Marine Training Update
  • Thesis reader update
  • PP - formulating personal objectives
IMBRSea Covid 19 - Webinar 7


Main topics covered:

  • Professional Practice 
  • Thesis reader selection
  • First meeting R working group
  • The Blue survey
IMBRSea COVID19 - Webinar 6


Main topics covered:

  • Thesis topic selection
  • Working group on R
  • Professional Practice
  • Thesis selections
  • Applications for 2020-21
  • The Blue survey
  • Marine Training data input
IMBRSea COVID19 - Webinar 5


Main topics covered:

  • UGent's email addressed to students forbidding mobility​
  • Still some doubts on PP​
  • Matix has changed server!​
  • Thesis readers​
  • Confirmed date Symposium (depending on covid-19)​
  • New dates on the "Key Dates" Google Calendar​
IMBRSea COVID19 - Webinar 4


Main topics covered: 

  • Insurance;
  • PP updates;
  • Thesis updates;
  • UGent platforms;
  • Update applications 2020
IMBRSea Covid19 - Webinar 3


Main topics covered:

  • Remote Professional Practices and alternatives for Professional practice
IMBRSea Covid19 - Webinar 2


Main topics covered: 

  • Whereabouts 
  • Annual symposium 
  • Summer school 
  • Thesis work 
  • Professional practice
IMBRSea Webinar Covid-19 Info session


Main topics covered: 

  • Covid-19 information on our website; 
  • Whereabouts of our students;