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ONG Mar, Ambiente e Pesca Artesanal
Founded in 1999, the local NGO MARAPA (Mar, Ambiente e Pesca Artesanal) is considered one of the leading NGOs in the country and has a long experience in project management in São Tomé Island, and is composed of technicians and managers with academic training in various disciplines (marine biology, fisheries management, conservation and ecotourism). MARAPA has been leading sea turtle awareness and conservation activities since 2003 through the Program Tatô. Its work is focused on supporting national artisanal fisheries at different levels, including production, trading and processing. MARAPA also had play an important role in providing training on improving equipment and infra-structures use by the fisheries sector, while increasing fishermen and fishwives’ participation in the development strategies of the sector, in order to ensure a sustainable development of the national artisanal fisheries. Another major goal of this NGO is marine biodiversity conservation, while promoting public awareness actions and community-run emblematic marine species conservation projects based on eco-touristic activities, like sea turtles and cetaceans, through Program Tatô and Program Tunhã, respectively.
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