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Regional Integrated Coastal Resource Management Center
The Regional Integrated Coastal Resource Management Center (RIC-XI) is hosted by the Davao Oriental State College of Science and Technology (DOSCST). The establishment of this ICRM Center hopes to contribute to the goal of the National ICRM Project of promoting sustainable management of coastal resources so as to maintain a healthy and productive coastal environment and uplift the socio-economic living conditions of the fishing households and communities. The ICRMP covers the provinces and municipalities surrounding marine biodiversity corridors of national and global importance.

RIC XI-DOSCST is expected to become the hub for research, monitoring, training and demonstration activities, and focal institution for information, education and communication (IEC) campaign on coastal biodiversity conservation in the region. Through the RIC it is hoped that a good picture can be drawn of what resources are in the area and how they relate and impact the human population so that intelligent management decisions can be arrived at and made by the local officials and resource managers. It is further aimed to popularize the use of scientific results in coastal resource management among local officials because empirical-based decisions have a greater chance of success and the quality of life of current and future resource users will not be compromised.

Furthermore, to realize this vision, the Center has to closely collaborate and work with concerned government agencies, non-government organizations, people’s organizations as well as local and international academic and research institutions.

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