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Instituut voor Landbouw - en Visserijonderzoek
Modern fisheries management is based on sound information on fish stocks and their role in the ecosystem, a thorough knowledge of the efficiency and effects of fishing methods and insight into the socio-economic aspects of the fisheries sector. ILVO provides our authorities with this information. ILVO also supports and advises the fishing industry in their pursuit of sustainable fisheries. A multidisciplinary scientific team with an extensive network is assisted by a technical team responsible for fieldwork on land and at sea. In addition to research in marine fisheries, ILVO also carries out research on sustainable aquaculture systems. At the same time, a service is being set up that can support companies, governments and other scientific institutions in their scientific work.

Research topics are fishing gear technology, ecosystem impact of fishing, fleet dynamics, sustainability of fishing, stock assessment, fisheries data, aquaculture on land and at sea, open sea farms, recirculation systems for aquaculture.
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