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University of Oxford
The Ocean Research and Conservation Group is lead by Prof. Alex David Rogers, and based in the Department of Zoology, University of Oxford.

The oceans are under severe threat from direct and indirect human impacts, including the all-encompassing effects of climate change. In order to understand the implications of such threats our work is aimed at understanding how the biodiversity of the oceans is distributed, how marine ecosystems work and the location and magnitude of human impacts. Only through such a holistic approach is it possible to help to plan for future management and conservation of marine ecosystems and their component parts. Inevitably this means that we also address and shape the policies that govern human activities influencing both coastal and oceanic marine ecosystems.

The scientists of the Ocean Research and Conservation group work from shallow-water coral ecosystems to extreme environments including the deep sea and Antarctica. We employ a range of technologies including:

SCUBA and advanced technical diving-based surveys
Remotely operated vehicles
Molecular biology, particularly DNA sequencing and genotyping
Remote camera monitoring
Advanced modelling
Professional Practice
Thesis research