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Instituto Antartico Chileno
The Chilean Antarctic Institute (INACH) is part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is the responsible of ensuring the coordination of the implementation of the National Antarctic Policy in order to strengthen and increase the influence of Chile in the Treaty System, thus promoting their interests as Antarctic country, particularly through a national science program linked to major research trends.
INACH is the organisms that administrate, organize, coordinate all Antarctic activities and runs the National Antarctic Science Program (PROCIEN)

Marine Scientists from INACH Scientific Department conduct research in topics such as effect of climate change on marine invertebrates, assessing responses of different organisms and the effects of increased temperature not only on at species level but also at the community and ecosystem levels. Facilities available at INACH in Punta Arenas, allow researchers to conduct experimental studies on Antarctic and Subantarctic organisms, studying the effects of pollutants such as micro- and macroplastics and natural stressors such as seawater temperature. The rich biodiversity existing in the Magellan Strait waters provide a great opportunity for studies on marine benthic organism from subantarctic ecosystems and also for comparative studies with Antarctic organisms
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