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Cetacean Sirenian Indonesia
The Cetasi was established by on 8 June 2015 in Jakarta Indonesia by five marine mammal and ocean enthusiasts: Dr Putu Liza Mustika ('Icha'), Februanty S. Purnomo ('Yanti'), Adityo Setiawan ('Adit'), I Made Jaya Ratha, DVM ('Jaya') and Muh Erdi Lazuardi ('Erdi'). The five colleagues have been involved in marine conservation and general environmental issues in Indonesia since 1997 and internationally since 2006.

At Cetacean Sirenian Indonesia (Cetasi), we aim to conserve marine mammals (whales, dolphins and the dugongs) in the Indonesian Archipelago for the benefit of the animals and future generations. We try to achieve this goal by working on several issues such as sustainable tourism, sustainable fisheries, protected area management, and stranding management. We collaborate with our partners to achieve the above objectives. Cetasi also means 'from the heart' or 'on the seat of my heart' (Sanskrit); hence whatever we do, we always try to do it from the heart.
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