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French Biodiversity Agency (Agence Française pour la Biodiversité)
The French Biodiversity Agency (Agence française pour la biodiversité) is a public organization under the supervision of the Ministry of the Environment established for the purpose of supporting public policies implementation in order to improve the knowledge, to protect, to manage and to restore, terrestrial, aquatic and marine biodiversity. The Agency comes in support to the public stakeholders and works in close partnership with the socioeconomic actors. The Agency is also committed to outreach the general public and to engage the citizens in favour of the biodiversity.

Regarding protected areas, the Agency manages the Marine Natural Parks and the Agoa Sanctuary of Marine Mammals in the French Antilles. The Agency is an operator for the Natura 2000 sites at sea. The National Parks are connected with the Agency and strong synergies are organized with them.

The Agency offers internships for students on a wide range of topics related to biodiversity. The Agency staff often contributes to MSc courses.
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