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Enalia Physis Environmental Research Centre
Enalia Physis Environmental Research Centre is a Cyprus-based non-profit organization established in 2009. Its purpose is to conduct and promote environmental research in marine and terrestrial ecosystems and to encourage and enhance education and ecological awareness of the general public. Cyprus, as the eastern Mediterranean in general, is in particular need of active NGOs who aim to become part of the decision making process of environmental policies in order to promote good environmental practices.

The members of Enalia Physis are experts in biological and environmental research and management, covering a wide range of fields such as conservation of terrestrial and marine ecosystems, marine and freshwater biology, fisheries, ecology and environmental education. Enalia Physis aspires to become a strong environmental platform for research and to be able to influence decisions about the environment in a positive and constructive manner, utilizing its connection with an international network of collaborators.

The need for an environmental NGO with an understanding of the nature of terrestrial and marine ecosystems, and the interactions between them, is particularly important for an island such as Cyprus where Enalia Physis is based. Enalia Physis aspires to become a strong contender in environmental issues in the eastern Mediterranean and beyond. The threats of further climate change, habitat destruction and desertification, water shortages, overfishing and the sea level rising combined with the growing importance of deep sea hydrocarbon exploration and extraction, make the eastern Mediterranean a hotspot for research. Enalia Physis and its collaborators cover a wide spectrum of environmental issues while at the same time having a high standard of expertise in all the areas it deals with.

The increase of the public’s awareness as well as environmental education is a priority for the researchers at Enalia Physis. Awareness campaigns are being planned as are collaborations with other NGOs so as to increase the importance and the impact of research on the policy making process from independent researchers who do not follow agendas or governmental policies which many times limit the well intended impact of research.

Enalia Physis invites members to join and help us enrich research and knowledge in the environment of the Mediterranean.
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