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Município de Machico
The "Museu da Baleia da Madeira" is a Museum that besides perpectuating the heritage of whaling that took place in Madeira, develops scientific research on cetaceans and the associated marine environment in Madeira archipelago, Portugal. Over the last 20 years several short to medium term projects (2-4 years) to study the ecology of cetaceans, many of those projects co-financed by the European Union, and runs the Madeira archipelago cetacean stranding network (RACAM). It has a team of researchers (PhDs and MSc) that coordinate the work and are prepared to receive students for training internships and Master thesis. It institution has also two research vessels (16m sailing vessel) and a 6.5m rigid inflatable. Besides these platforms the institution has research facilites, including lab for sample processing (SI, stomach contents), offices for researchers and students, freezing chambers to preserve stranded animals, necropsy rooms and research equipment for photo-id telemetry and biologging, biopsying, acoustics, among others. The research developed by the institution over the years has been focus on the study of abundance and distribution of cetaceans in the archipelago, genetic studies in colaboration with neighbouring archipelagos teams to investigate species population struture, diving behaviour, diet analysis and trophic studies, conservation and interactions with human activities and management advice.

Over the years the institution has been receiving students of Erasmus Praticas, Masters and training interships.
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