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Asociación Tonina
ASOCIACION TONINA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination and research of the marine natural environment. We firmly believe that the best way to guarantee the conservation of the environment in which we live is through education and knowledge, so that future generations can know the richness that nature can offer them. In a planet with 70% of its surface occupied by the oceans, the proper use and proper management of the sea is not only essential for the future, but we are convinced that the benefits that the human being can obtain from its exploitation are still to be discovered.

We consider research as a fundamental tool at the service of society and culture, and therefore, that scientific knowledge must be transferred to the general public in a way that is comprehensible to all. We also believe that the only effective way to achieve real changes for the improvement of the environment is through open collaboration between different research groups. Only through the flow of knowledge will it be possible to achieve a broad understanding of the environment that surrounds us, and perhaps that way, society will achieve the not so utopian concept of sustainable development.
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