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University of Dubrovnik
The University of Dubrovnik provides higher education in sustainable marine-oriented aquaculture through its 3-year undergraduate course "Aquaculture" and 2-year graduate course "Mariculture" run by the Department of aquaculture.
The courses cover key areas of commercial and experimental aquaculture through practical and theoretical classes.
The themes of internships and theses subjects vary annually and are generally centered around the department's ongoing research activities but can also be adapted to specific ideas of the students.
Practical classes and research are performed within the University itself, the Institute of marine and coastal research and The department's aquaculture laboratory in Mali Ston Bay (the biggest production site of native European oyster in the Mediterranean) with additional use of the University's research vessels.
Current department research activities include themes such as environmental impacts and sustainability issues of modern-day aquaculture, development of hatchery technology for fish and shellfish species, native flat oyster production and restoration, development of automated solutions for underwater research and monitoring.

Professional Practice
Thesis research