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Marine biotechnology applied to cosmetics and healthcare products development

Semester 3

The course consists of the following topics

  • Definition of cosmetic products 
  • European settlement
  • Biology of skin and appendages
  • The physicochemical properties of cosmetic products
  • Raw materials for cosmetics products
  • Formulation of cosmetics products
  • Toxicology and security of cosmetic products
  • Research of new conservatives products
  • Algae in cosmetics products
  • Voluntary testing on cosmetics.


Final Competencies

Enable students to consolidate knowledge of the corporate world of cosmetics and the pertinent regulations. Cosmetic products represent more than 80 billions euros of turnover in Europe and constitute an area in perpetual change and renewal. A European directive introduced in July 2013 regulates cosmetic products’ marketing. Companies have the obligation to declare the composition of all their products, and substances are increasingly banned because of their toxicity. Many companies are looking for alternative solutions and are turning to marine products in order to replace toxic synthetic molecules.


Additional information regarding the teaching methods

  • The course will consist of lectures and case studies.
  • An external person, who works in cosmetic industry, will assist the teaching staff. 
  • Practical experiments will be included, where students will be trained in how to create cosmetic products.


Further course information can be found here: