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Training and Education in Marine Sciences

Semester 3

This course will focus on tools and methods used in modern education and training.

The course will consist of the following chapters: 

•    An Introduction to Pedagogy and Learning Styles (Mental Discipline theories, Naturalistic theories, Apperception theories, Kolb learning style theory, Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, …)
•    The general design of instruction
•    Introduction to teaching methods
•    Marine science education at all ages

The course will be offered, making use of lectures in which theoretical concepts will be used. Students will apply the acquired knowledge via the design of a training for some targeted audiences. 


Potential target audiences: primary schools, secondary education, museum, companies


Final Competencies

1  Students understand the basic principles of pedagogy and instructional design.

2  Students are able to design training material making use of various instructional methods


This course will be organised at the Marine Station of Villefranche-sur-mer.


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