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Contact Info
Liliana Anjos
Professor University of Algarve

Liliana Anjos is a scientist with a BsC in Biotechnological Engineering and a PhD in Molecular Biology (2011) by the Universidade do Algarve (UALG), Portugal, and she has 7 years of postdoctoral experience in Biological Sciences with emphasis in Marine Biotechnology. Currently, she is an auxiliary researcher of the Centre of Marine Sciences (CCMAR)-UALG in the Comparative Endocrinology & Integrative Biology group where develops her work.

Her research topics focused on the bio-exploitation of protein biodiversity from marine sources, including specialization in development and production of marine derived added value compounds/biomarkers with potential biotechnological applications towards Blue Growth/Deliver Societal Benefits. She has been engaged in the implementation of ProtMar platform (Marine recombinant proteins and biosensors platform) at CCMAR, which gathers together equipment, methodologies and training for the exploration of novel marine proteins (H2020-INFRADEV EMBRIC-Cluster/EMBRC) and her participation in EU projects allowedg her to increase the links with Industry and applied research.

Within the CCMAR/UALG, she has been also involved in teaching activities and advanced training in the scope of marine biotechnology/biosciences