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+33 (0)2 98 29 23 23
Eric Thiébaut
Professor of Sorbonne



Marine population dynamics

Marine biogeography

Diversity measures

Coastal ecosystem management, responses to human pressures, marine protected areas



  • Species and functional diversity of marine benthic communities: spatial structure of communities; long-term changes of benthic communities in response to environmental changes (climate change, anthropogenic stressors)
  • Larval dispersal and connectivity of marine benthic invertebrates: interactions between biological and physical factors and consequences on marine population dynamics
  • Management of coastal ecosystems: exploited resources, assessment of ecosystem services



Professor at Sorbonne Université since 2015, I am currently deputy director of the Roscoff Biological Station, more specifically in charge of the coordination of observation and teaching activities. My research focuses on the scientific exploitation of data from long-term time series to better understand the spatial and temporal variability of the structure and functioning of coastal benthic ecosystems. I also have a particular interest in studying the larval phase of benthic invertebrates.