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Contact Info
Jean Olivier Irisson
Professor of Sorbonne

I am a computational ecologist, which means that I combine data, algorithms, and software implementations on computers to tackle ecological questions. I work in marine ecosystems, where I study plankton (all the organisms drifting with ocean currents).

As an associate professor, at Sorbonne Université, I spend half of my time teaching, mostly data science (multivariate and spatial statistics, signal processing, programming) and a bit of larval fish ecology. On the research side, I use machine learning to process large volumes of plankton images, extract data from them, and finally relate the structure of plankton communities to the conditions in their environment.

Since 2016 I am (happily) leading the team Processes in Pelagic EcosystemS (PEPS) of the Laboratoire d’Océanographie de Villefranche (LOV).