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Contact Info
José Luis Acuña
Professor University of Oviedo

Areas of interest: Ecology and Conservation of Coastal Ecossystems, Phytoplancton


  • Acuña, J.L., López-Urrutia, A. y Colin, S. (2011) Faking giants: the evolution of high prey clearance rates in jellyfishes. Science 333: 1627-1629. : Acuña et al. 2011
  • Lobón CM, Acuña JL, López-Álvarez M, Capitanio FL (2011) Heritability of morphological and life history traits in a pelagic tunicate. Mar Ecol Prog Ser 422:145-154. : Lobón et al. 2011
  • Acuña, J. L., López, M., Nogueira, E., González, F. (2010) Diatom floatation at the onset of the Spring Phytoplankton Bloom: an in situ experiment. Marine Ecology Progress Series 400: 115-125. doi: 10.3354/meps08405. : Acuña et al. 2010
  • Louzao, M., Anadón, N., Arrontes, J., Álvarez-Claudio, C., Fuente, D. M., Ocharán, F., Anadón, A., Acuña, J. L. (2010). Macrobenthic community assemblages in the Avilés Canyon, N Iberian Shelf: baseline biodiversity information for a marine protected area. Journal of Marine Systems 80: 47-56. : Louzao et al. 2010
  • Acuña, J. L. (2001). Pelagic Tunicates: Why Gelatinous? American Naturalist 158(1): 100-107. :