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Maria Conceição Neves
Professor University of Algarve

Maria Conceição Neves is a lecturer at the University of Algarve teaching geophysics, climate sciences and Geographic Information Systems. Fields of expertise: Geophysics and Land-Ocean-Atmosphere interactions. Received her Ph.D. in Marine Geophysics from the University of Durham, UK, in 2000. She is an active researcher at the continental margins and deep ocean frontier group (RG4) at Instituto Dom Luiz ( Her research covers a broad range of topics in geodynamics and tectonic processes at plate boundaries and continental margins, including numerical modeling of earth deformation processes, seismic hazard assessment and relations between gravity and isostasy. She is the leading author of nearly 20 papers in peer review international journals and has been the coordinator of the modeling task in about 10 national and international projects. At present, she works in applications of satellite gravimetry to monitor the terrestrial water cycle and is primarily interested in understanding the response of groundwater and sea level to ongoing changes in the global climate system.