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Full Online First Semester IMBRSea

Why going online?

Due to the corona crisis we came with possible solutions for keeping the master programme as international and diverse as possible while still providing quality education. 

How will the courses work?

How will the courses work?

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What about all the practicals?

What about all the practicals?

We recognize the importance of having practical experiences together with theoretical classes.

Following Semesters

Following Semesters

How will the IMBRSea program look after the first semester is over?


The "new normal"

Learning how to manage distance learning and working will be an essential skill in the future. 

Design and inovation

Design and inovation

What's the difference of this course with something I can find elsewhere? 

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The First Semester Courses

All IMBRSea students attend the same set of classes, no matter at which university they are or even if they still at their own houses. 

Be part of IMBRSea even if you're still abroad.

IMBRSea wants to be the leading International Marine program preparing you for the future!

Attend all the classes with the basic knowledge for Marine Biological resources professionals. 

If you cannot attend locally, you are still fully supported by our program!

Same teachers from our consortium. 

Courses will be active and engaging using advanced technologies and will include team-work tools, 3D and virtual experience.

The courses will be collectively created by all the partners.

Exact same knowledge and preparation for the remaining of your IMBRSea education.

Going Fully Online

We will create innovative and complete 1st semester specially design for our unique International Master!

Courses developped thinking on the best for our students, using creative tools

Logical and easy to follow courses. 

All the content and information you need.

You will be able to interact and meet other students and professors. 

Our Teachers

These are the teachers and staff working directly on the creation and on the online teaching.