University of Pierre and Marie Curie - Paris 6

The University Pierre et Marie Curie is one of the major Universities of Sciences in France. The University of Paris was founded in 1109, and the original faculty of Sciences has led to the UPMC when all faculties became autonomous, in 1970. It has founded two marine stations, in 1880, in Roscoff and Banyuls sur Mer, and took charge of the third one in Villefranche sur Mer. Three other laboratories working on Marine Sciences, one in Physical Oceanography, one in Marine Biology and the third in Marine and Freshwater Ecology, join the marine stations to form the Centre for Marine Sciences, regrouping more than 1000 persons. Research teams are associated with the CNRS, with IRD, and with the National Museum of Natural History. The University has a partnership with IFREMER and is a member of the Observatory of South Pacific, providing access to highly sensitive ecosystems in tropical and equatorial regions. The Master in Oceanography and Marine Environment is a 60 year-old post-graduate formation, which has developed many collaborative programmes at the European level. 

Summary Role

The Center for Marine Sciences at the UPMC covers almost all fields, from physical oceanography to evolutionary biology, and from global systems to molecular sciences. This large spectrum of expertises is used to teach at the Master Level the link between fundamental Life Sciences and applied principles of conservation biology and ecology. The strong specialties of our contribution to IMBRSea are teaching the evolutionary aspects of the conservation of biodiversity and the quantitative aspects of marine ecology and biological oceanography. In addition, The three marine stations are well-equipped, with many scientific and pedagogic resources, and hosting facilities, allowing the students to study local marine environment and diversity with strong characteristics, intertidal ecosystems in Roscoff, benthic coastal and deep ecosystems in Banyuls sur Mer and pelagic ecosystems in Villefranche sur Mer. Besides, because of their long history, the three Marine Stations have managed long time surveys generating historical data that provide to the students a unique view of the changes of the marine life related to the local ecosystems that they study.  

Students coming to study in the IMBRSea at UPMC are proposed to be hosted in the hosting facilities of the three marine stations and on the IRD center located in Bondy for courses proposed in the main campus of Paris. Prices for rooms and meals are regularly updated and available on line:,,

Registration at UPMC automatically triggers registration in hosting facilities, as soon as students have chosen the courses they follow. The cost is ensured to stay low, because of the financial support provided by the institutions (UPMC and Oeuvres Universitaires et Scolaires). However, students can favor hosting solutions outside the campuses, and find local help for this matter. A presentation is made and a booklet is provided to all students at the beginning of each semester, which encompasses all information about access map, costs and all facilities (restaurant hours, internet accesses, laundry, local shops ...).

Living Costs: