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The legal framework of habitat restoration

Semester 3

Integrated environmental management actions are needed now for the preservation and restoration of habitats and key species based on the best scientific knowledge. However, knowledge of marine systems lags significantly behind that of terrestrial systems. New scientific data and tools are essential for decision-making and resource management of European Seas. Habitat restoration has to be implemented within a sound legal frame, which is connected to the existing directives (e.g., Habitat Directive; MSFD) and EU Agendas (e.g., EU Biodiversity) and the international initiatives (Aichi, SDGs, CBD and so forth). These, in turns, must interact with existing national legal frameworks. The course will thus explain the enabling and constraining factors of the legal and governance context of the different European seas to realise a sustainable use of marine ecosystems in these seas. Policy initiatives, which focus on the restoration, conservation and recovery of marine ecosystems in different marine regions, will be evaluated. Input to the development and design of effective and legitimate governance and regulatory arrangements for a sustainable use of marine ecosystems will be provided.