Participation Costs

Tuition Fees

The IMBRSea tuition fees are set at 

Tuition fees for self-sponsored students are kept as low as possible. Every year partial tuition fee waivers are granted of €1000 per student per year for Programme Country students and €4500 for Partner Country students resulting in the following fees:

  • €3500 per year for Programme Country students
  • €4500 per year for Partner Country students
The annual tuition fees cover:
  • Enrolment and tuition costs at local universities
  • Joint School costs (2 weeks): food, accommodation
  • Annual Symposium costs (1 week): food, accommodation

Scholarships are available: more info

Payment of Fees

Upon admission to the programme, self-sponsored students will receive an invoice for the first year of the programme. Once the payment is received, your place is secured at your selected university for semester 1. The full tuition fee needs to be paid by August 1st, if not, IMBRSea cannot guarantee you a place at your semester 1 university.
Tuition fees for the second year must be paid before the start of the second academic year.

Living & Travel Costs

All students organise and finance their own accommodation, insurances, living, visa and travel costs while undertaking the IMBRSea programme. These costs can be (partially) covered by a scholarship you may hold.

The cost of living differs from country to country. This tool might provide you an indication of the costs.

Visa fees

Visa fees might apply, depending on your nationality and mobility. Check your embassy for more information. The acceptance letters will also help you apply for the correct visa.

Required Funds for Non-European Students

In Europe, a student must have sufficient means of subsistence to cover their living costs, healthcare, study and repatriation costs. The minimum amount which a student must have to cover their costs is fixed and indexed each year. Non-European students will usually need to prove that they have the minimum amount of funds required to cover their costs in order to obtain a long-term visa or residence permit. Note that for students receiving an Erasmus Mundus scholarship, the scholarship covers these minimum funds. Click here for more information.

Frequently asked questions: 

Can I pay the participation fee in installments?

As a self-funded student you will be able to pay the fee of the first year in two installments (first installment in May, second before August). After completion of the first academic year you will be invited to pay the fee for the second year. This second year fee should be paid in one installment.

When do I pay the participation fee?

After being accepted to the programme, you will receive the request to pay the first part of the participation fee of year 1 of 1000 euro. Only after payment of this part your place in IMBRSea at the starting university will be secured. The second part of the participation fee should be paid by 1 August of the year in which you start the programme.

The fee for the second academic year should be paid prior to 1 August again, once you have succesfully completed your first year.

Does the cost of the tuition cover expenses on food or accommodation?

No, the tuition only covers the cost of the courses. If you are a self-paid student you need to pay yourself for your accomodation, food, health insurance, plane tickets and other costs for each country. The only exceptions are during the Annual Symposium and Summer School, where food and accommodation are provided for everyone. 

How much does it costs to live in each country during the studies?

If you do not obtain a scholarship and are a self-sponsered you will need to cover not only the tuition costs, but also costs related to traveling between countries, visas, food, accomodation, health and other costs. Take that in to consideration before applying! For each of the partner universities you can find information on evarage costs for each country, check them