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Dr. Julio Arrontes
Professor University of Oviedo

PhD. (1987) in Marine Ecology by the University of Oviedo, Spain. Lecturer of Ecology in the same university. Expertise and interest lie in the field of the experimental marine ecology: population biology of expanding macroalgal species, the factors influencing the structure of macroalgal dominated communities and the plant-animal interactions in the marine benthos. Five representative papers:

Arrontes, J. (2005) A model for range expansion of coastal algal species with different dispersal strategies: the case of Fucus serratus in northern Spain. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 295: 57-68

Arrontes, J. (2018). Pop-Inference: An educational application to evaluate statistical differences among populations. Ecology and Evolution, 8: 5220-4230

García, A; Olabarría, C; Arrontes, J; Álvarez, O; Viejo, RM (2018) Spatio-temporal dynamics of Codium populations along the rocky shores of N and NW Spain. Marine Environmental Research 140: 394-402

Suárez, R; Arrontes, J. (2008) Population dynamics of the barnacle Chthamalus montagui at two spatial and temporal scales in northern Spain. Marine Biology, 155: 363-374

Viejo, RM; Martínez, B; Arrontes, J; Astudillo, C; Hernández, L (2011) Reproductive patterns in central and marginal populations of a large brown seaweed: drastic changes at the southern range limit. Ecography 34, 75-84