Transferable skills option: English language course - level 3/4/5

Cohort: 2017, 2018

Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4


Ghent University


The basic grammatical structures are revised at a high pace (e.g. conditional clauses, reference and relational markers, the passive, the use of articles, etc.) and new scientific terminology from different fields is taught. Throughout the course, these new phrases and structures are revised and studied in depth in different scientific situations.
The lessons also offer reading materials that provide a context for these new structures. Various self-assignments and writing exercises are offered in order to facilitate a structural assimilation of the course content.
In the language laboratory, students can practise their listening skills and work on their pronunciation.

Teaching methods:
- Interactive teaching with exercises aiming at the practical application of the acquired competences
- Language lab to practice pronunciation, listening, speaking, functions
- Independent study (guidance of self-study workbook)


Basic knowledge of English (level A2 CEF).
In order to determine the correct starting level, a placement test is provided.


This course is aimed at professionals with a technical or industrial background, or a background in exact sciences. It deals with the linguistic structures which are necessary to function and communicate in these contexts at an intermediate level.

Key skills acquired

- To have reading / writing / listening / speaking skills in English on an intermediate level (B1 CEF)
- To master academic English vocabulary and grammar on an intermediate level (B1 CEF)
- To apply an intermediate knowledge of English in written and oral usage


Eastwood J. (2006): Oxford Practice Grammar Intermediate With Key and CD-ROM Pack, Oxford: OUP
The New Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, Cambrdige: Cambridge UP


Written and oral exam: demonstrate the ability to put the contents of the course into practice.

Contact hours