Information for applicants

Applications for academic year 2018-2019 are open between November 1st 2017 and March 30th 2018!

Checklist of information needed to complete an application

  • Copy of a valid passport
  • Copy of a CV
  • Completed motivation form
  • First university degree and other relevant degrees
  • Documentation of language proficiency
  • Other relevant documentation and references

University degrees and transcripts must be sent either as originals or as certified true copies. An official stamp with date and signature is required. In general, attestation by the local embassy, the police, a notary public or state or municipal administration agency is accepted. Failure to provide all the necessary documents disqualifies the applicant and the application will not be registered.

How to apply

Apply here to become a student in the IMBRSea programme in academic year 2018-2019

1. Application ...

  • Step 1: Preparing for IMBRSea
  • Step 2: make an IMBRSea personal account in the IMBRSea application tool 
  • Step 3: enter all required data in the IMBRSea application tool
    • personal data
    • study overview
    • language skills
    • motivation
  • Step 4: submit the IMBRSea application to the IMBRSea coordination office before March, 30th 2018 (4 pm CET). Exceptionally EU-students can apply until June, 1st 2018, however it is not possible to apply for an Erasmus Scholarship after March, 30th 2018.

2. Important dates

  • Feedback on academic eligibility
    • April 15th 2018: Notification of scholarship selection results
  • Deadline legalized documents at IMBRSea coordination office
    • for students (non-EU): Monday, 15th of May 2018
    • for all EU-students: Thursday, 1st of June 2018
  • Issuing of invoice: Thursday, 15th of June 2018
  • Deadline payment of invoice: Tuesday, 1st of August 2018

Students who haven't paid by the deadline of Tuesday, 1st of August will be considered as dropouts.

  • Exceptionally EU-students can apply until 1st of June 2018, however this will have certain implications:
    • it is not possible for students who apply after the official deadline of March 30th 2018 to apply for an Erasmus Scholarship
    • feedback on academic eligibility: Monday, 3rd of July 2018
    • issuing of invoice: Friday, 14th of July 2018 
    • deadline payment of invoice: Tuesday, 1st of August 2018


3. Academic eligibility ...

The IMBRSea selection board will evaluate your application files and check whether you are academically eligible or not to start the Master programme.
In case of eligibility you will be informed about this and this will require you to send original copies of your higher education diploma(s) and transcript of records to the coordination office by post in order to finalize your application and to start the enrollment procedure in the programme.

It is important that we can ascertain the authenticity of your diploma and transcript of records:

  • When you obtained your diploma at one of main partners of IMBRSea, the procedure is fairly simple. You need a certified copy of your documents sent to us by the university. This means that we have to receive a clear and readable copy, stamped and signed by the university that issued your documents confirming that it is a true copy.
  • When you obtained your diploma at another university, one of three routes has to be taken, depending on the country where the diploma was issued.
  1. You need a certified copy
  2. You need an apostille
  3. You need to legalise your diploma

The list of what is needed for which country can be found via this link.

Bear in mind that you will have to turn to the institute that issued your diploma to obtain a certified copy or to find out what the procedure is to have your diploma apostilled or legalized.

IMPORTANT REMARK about TRANSLATION: if your higher education diploma(s) are not issued in English, French, German, or Dutch, they need to be translated by a certified translator and the original AND translation need to be added to your application.


4. Study cost and study grants

When applying to the IMBRSea programme, be aware of the study costs. There are Erasmus Mundus scholarships available.

More information about Fees and Funding